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Pubmarket! for Unilever Food Solutions - Knorr Professional Intense Flavours

Delicious flavours, world-class chefs and international musical stars: the Unilever Food Solutions event in collaboration with Pubmarket!, for Knorr Professional Intense Flavours, was a true treat for all senses!

Connections American Day

How to discover America and Canada in just one day? Everything is possible when Connections organises the biggest Ameri-Can day of the year.

brooks superhuman academy

A few bold journalists embarked on an adventurous two-day Superhuman Academy in Portugal. Brooks challenged them with several lessons in mental strength, balance and core strength!

Bloom by Accent

A festival is about the absolute opposite of an office environment. Accent brought both worlds together and treated its employees to an unforgettable two-day festival!


For the prelaunch days of the renewed Volvo V60, a real loft with rooftop was installed in the Volvo showroom Brussels, fully furnished in luxurious Scandinavian style.

Connections' Asian day

By means of authentic food, traditional customs, Geisha's on stilts and insightful speakers, Connections brought Asian atmospheres to Brussels to inspire travelers!

Port of Antwerp's Launch of WPSP

Port of Antwerp hosted a momentous two-day conference to officially kick-off the World Port Sustainability Program. The international port community aims to enhance and coordinate a sustainable supply chain for the future!

Teconex' In the spotlights

Teconex hosted an alluring evening dedicated to the introduction of their new vision to their customers and partners

Callebaut's After party lounge RUby rb1

Callebaut disrupted the chocolate world by introducing is Ruby chocolate at the Salon du Chocolat 2018.

Showreel 2017

We love the stories of all our clients. That's why we capture moments. Come and dive into our fascinating eventful world.

Van Oirschot's 50th anniversary

Van Oirschot celebrates its 50th anniversary with an enchanting party.

Connections' Ameri-Can Day

More than 1500 people came to explore America and Canada during this amazing Ameri-Can Day.

Vondelmolen - Village Party

150 years of passionate gingerbread producing could, under no circumstances, go unnoticed. As throwing a village party for more than 3.000 local residents isn’t quite a small event, Vondelmolen’s intention to go all the way really succeeded. 

Brooks Big Endorsement

At Brooks’ Big Endorsement event, held in beautiful Marbella, 30 sport journalists  enjoyed the biggest endorsement deal ever.

Vondelmolen - Open Bedrijvendag

In a series of events that put the spotlights on 150 years of Vondelmolen, ‘Open Bedrijvendag’ at the first of October functioned as Vondelmolen’s last birthday celebration event.

Product launch Volvo XC60

About 150 guests a day set eyes on Volvo’s queen beauty, the new XC60. 

AZ Klina MD & Family Doctor Reception 2015

A unique one-hour live radio program with Sven Pichal and AZ Klina.

Bidvest beurs 2016

At Bidvest Beurs 2016, all kind of food suppliers showed their best services to Bidvest's clients at Nekkerbox Mechelen.

7th Heaven by Vanhaerents at ‘t Groen Kwartier Antwerp ism Berlin

Vanhaerents invited 50 top clients to one of the remaining penthouses on the Groen Kwartier site in Antwerp.


This year, New Balls Please really turned Wijnegem Shopping Center upside down to organize this dazzling Flair Shopping Day.

Protéines for Ferrero by New Balls Please

Public event (in cooperation with communication agency Protéines) for 2000 inhabitants of the city of Arlon, donated by the Ferrero factory. 

Opel Check&Go Tour

Opel & New Balls Please hit the road!


Opening Callebaut Academy by New Balls Please

Storytelling visual show for 250 VIP guests and press

7th Heaven by Vanhaerents

Looking for buyers or investors, Vanhaerents invited 50 top clients to one of the remaining penthouses on the Groen Kwartier site in Antwerp. Top catering by The Jane (Sergio Herman and Nick Bril) and the Upper Room Bar made sure all guests experienced a 7th heaven

Unilever Food Solutions WK Event

Pubmarket! developed the Knorr Foodball saving action with a closing event in Tour & Taxis.

Lipton Exclusive collection for Unilever Food Solutions

140 guests gathered with 1 common interest: getting acquainted with Lipton Exclusive Selection, the new B2B-range of the tea giant.

Sanoma Magazines: Libelle Groenstraatje @ Plantenbeurs Hombeek

About 200 participants filled the afternoon with green tips, ideas and plants at fair prices.

TomTom Spark Ibiza

More than 50 guests from the world wide sports and lifestyle press gathered in Eivissa to get acquainted with the coolest fitness watch ever made.