New Balls Please is expanding.. Again!

Things are moving fast as lightning for New Balls Please. Since the start of 2018, the award-winning event agency has already welcomed three new additions to the team.

The first one to add some proper girl power to the team is Orphé. She is a true social media addict and will take on the full responsibility for both internal and external communication. Consider it her personal mission to make you want to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media even more!

The second addition (and may we say asset) to the team, is Nicky. With more than five years of experience in the industry, this creative mind will complement the team as a passionate event creator. If you’re looking to be blown off your feet with dazzling, cutting-edge concepts for your event, you are in good hands with Nicky!

To complete the New Balls Please family, we would like to introduce Didier. He is our latest junior event creator and is the best possible sidekick (Robin ain’t got nothing on him!) our event producers could wish for! His enthusiasm and curiosity are contagious and will upgrade our team even more.

Curious about what this expanded team of New Balls Please can do for you and your event? Get in touch and experience it for yourself - No doubt it will be an experience!

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New Balls Please becomes New Boobs Please for one day!

In light of International Women’s Day, we are changing our name for the day to New Boobs Please!

Today, we are extra thankful for all our wonderful female colleagues here at New Boobs Please and all the inspiring women out there. Stay golden!   

On Monday we are also welcoming a new set of boobs to the team! Welcome Nicky, we are looking forward to some extra girl power in our team! 

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4 years of New Balls Please!

It seems like so long ago since our first day at the brand new office in January 2014. The office seemed so big, as back then, it was only the three of us making promising plans for a bright New Balls Please future. Exactly four years later, New Balls Please is literally outgrowing its office building.

A small team of 3 event enthusiasts has become a talented group of 11 specialists, organising 80 events in 2017

Our sales increase of 50% has enabled us to dream harder, to create even more and to be the better solution for those who look for creative events, content creation and event design.


  • To team up with the best matching partners and suppliers

  • To impress you with the most creative concepts

  • To suprise you with the smallest unexpected details

  • To provide the best possible professional service

  • To enable your clients to leave your event with a big smile


In these 4 years we could always count on our die-hard clients. Thank you A.S. Adventure, Opel Belgium, Pubmarket!, Volvo, Berlin, AZ Klina, De Lijn and many more for having believed in us during all the stages of New Balls Please’ existence. Loving people like you make our business and allow us to grow and provide you with better service and more creative events.

Wishing you and your loved ones all the best for 2018!

Valerie, Stein & Michel.

Spotlights on REstore

The partnership of REstore and New Balls Please has been lasting for 2 very powerful years now. For all this time, we have supported the energy technology company in their live communication at several international fairs and events. Together we have travelled to Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Essen and Barcelona, where we spread REstore’s innovative message most successfully. REstore’s forward-looking attitude and sense of renewal are key aspects that have inspired us throughout this journey. Therefore we cannot wait to start working on new projects in Brussels, Essen and Birmingham.  


Social media usage at your future event


Social media connect us in a way that has never been seen before. Due to their social character they provide added value to your event. Whereas social media used to connect us with acquaintances, friends and family, they have now become the perfect tool for corporates to get in touch with their clients and prospects. New Balls Please pinpoints all pros of social media usage before, during and after an event for you.

What are the benefits?

Before an event
Pre-communication via various social media channels allows you to keep the interaction with your attendees high. Quick replies and regular information updates equal a high online service level that establishes a feeling of personal connection between the target public and your brand.

On top of that, social media makes the invisible, visible. When announcing your event on Facebook, you get a good insight into the group of attendees of your event. Who follows whom? What do people like? What are they interested in?

During an event
Now we all go mobile, it’s important to choose a social media channel that suits your event best. Select one that works efficiently, fast and that doesn’t ask for much input from your attendees. In this respect Facebook Messenger proves to be utterly effective. After all: one needs to reach clients where they’re most active.

As Messenger is considered as a user-friendly tool to start easy conversation and to arrange informal meetings between friends, it can be used by your company to provide your guests with useful updates before, during and after your event. Serve accessible information that catches your visitors’ attention. Integrating bots into Messenger can be very useful in that case.

Videos and live stories on your social media channels are also effective, as they tend to reach a big audience. On the spot communication creates a live experience for those that aren’t present at your event, which improves the brand awareness and the affinity towards your brand.

After an event
Research through social media stats enlarges your insights into your visitors behaviour, helping you to better prepare any similar event in the future.

To strengthen the online relationship with your target group, paying attention to online comments by visitors after your event is essential. Embrace all laudatory comments and thank your visitors. When a less positive message comes along the way, start a conversation and try to turn the negative aspect into something positive.

Social media in the future

There is a wide range of social media. Hence, define the right content for that particular channel. An analysis of which group is active on which channel can be a first step towards efficient communication.

In the first place, social media should connect people. Spamming your target audience with daily targeted information is not the way you want to go. Think about how your content is useful to your clients, prospects and the visitors of your event.

Do you need a social media plan for you next event and tailored to your company’s needs? Contact us for advice and support.

Vlaamse Havendag by Port of Antwerp and New Balls Please

45.000 happy faces and loads of sun this year at Vlaamse Havendag in Antwerpen: a nice result of an amazing teamwork between Port of Antwerp, New Balls Please and VO-event. 22 companies and organisations, among which MPET, Zuidnatie, de Chinese Vloot, the Belgian Marine … had opened their doors to the public. On the central location Zaha Hadid square music concerts by VETEX, Dimitri Leue and Pieter Embrechts, foodtrucks and a ‘Hiep Hiep Hoera’ container celebrated Havenhuis’ first anniversary.  To guarantee a smooth traffic from and to the port a well-coordinated mobile network of 6 buslines with 50 busses had been set up.

Content above all: define the content of your event


The main goal at each event is to build a positive brand experience and to ensure that visitors live an unforgettable experience. An event will only be successful when your guest goes home with your intended story at the back of his mind.

In order to create a memorable event, you need a strong storyline with a fantastic plot, capable of enchanting every guest. It is therefore essential to have a good brainstorm on all possible concepts and to reflect on all practical issues of how to transform your ideas into a real live event.

Throughout this initial stage, it is the content that must drive you in everything you do. Check which screen can be used best and whether a presenter is needed to translate your story’s content. Do you need a tailor-made show with artists that back up your story? And which technicians are specialized enough to integrate special effects into your overall communication?

When deciding on your event’s location, catering, technique, decor, remember that your story must be a living experience, stimulating your guests’ senses in every possible way. So go for the interactivity. We ensure you that your event will be remembered happily ever after. 

Each event is in need of a good script that describes your time schedule minute after minute. And of course a team of real professionals: presenters, technicians, artists, decor specialists, caterers and such increase your event’s quality level. However, stealing the show with your story will only be possible if there are enough rehearsal moments including all actors. Get yourself and your team prepared and simply amaze.

Spotlights on: Vondelmolen

One of our most happy clients this year is gingerbread manufacturer Vondelmolen in Lebbeke. Throughout the year, New Balls Please coordinated a series of events that celebrated Vondelmolen’s 150th anniversary: the welcoming of King Filip and guided tours at the site of Vondelmolen, a huge village feast for more than 3000 inhabitants and a party for stakeholder and staff with magical animations. Finally, it was time to celebrate Vondelmolen’s anniversary one last time on Open Bedrijvendag. 12000 people visited the company’s factory that day. Looking back on all this, we cannot but say that it has been a real pleasure to work with a family company like Vondelmolen. So, here’s to the many happy gingerbread memories that will come next!