Spotlights on... Retail Detail

retail detail.jpg

At New Balls Please we make the fuzz all about the client. That's why we want to introduce you to one of our newest: Retail Detail. This interest group looks out for the needs and wants of the retail industry and pioneers in several areas. This time, it presents the 'Future of Shopping' via a road show to the public in colloboration with New Balls Please and Unizo.

In a container set-up of several concepts, everyone is invited to have a look at the new generation of shopping. The concept presents refreshing ideas and provides the opportunity to test new tools and technologies. It provides access to merchands from several industries and anyone who is professionally involved in the retail industry.

The consumer of the future changes constantly. How does he/she shop in the future? What changes are noticed in shopping behaviour? And how can you anticipate to that as a retailer or shop owner?

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