Never a dull moment at New Balls Please


Never a dull moment at New Balls Please. In the last months, we created unique event concepts, we won a golden and a bronze BEA and we worked around the clock to provide our clients with lots of new…balls. Also, at this time we are actively taking into account the new campaigns set up by ACC. Have you noticed the hashtag #welovelive, launched at the lastest BEA Award Show? As a live storytelling agency, we put the emphasis on genuine experiences and real life communications towards your clients and/or customers.

Currently we are awaiting more news about the ‘Belgium Event Street’, a collective action in Brussels from the event industry on the 5th of July. We would like to send a message to Belgium and the rest of the world that we are maintaining a good spirit about live events and extensive gatherings to celebrate life and business. We would like to encourage everyone to keep communicating and to keep organising events, but also for companies to keep including celebrations and live concepts into their corporate communications.

This is a time when our industry is being challenged. But instead of holding our breath, we are actively looking into ways of tailor-fit secure events. As one of your Live Storytellers, Stein Hoogstoel, is specialized in evenemential security matters, we know how to incorporate the security element flawlessly into your favourite event. Looking for a comfortable event? Ask us for more details via