Bronze BEA 2016: World Chocolate Masters 2015


The collaboration between New Balls Please and Berlin agency has resulted in a bronze BEA 2016. Berlin has set up the creative concept, co-scripting and communication campaign of the World Chocolate Masters in Paris and adressed New Balls Please to have the first public competition, which was equally a logistic master piece, run smoothly.

However both agencies are no newbies in directing a massive event like the World Chocolate Masters competition, this edition imposed a few extra challenges.

First and foremost, the objective was to have the competition become an immersive 3 day experience for both viewers globally, and for the visitors of Salon du Chocolat – since this edition was the first one open to the audience. Creating an unforgettable experience for both the contestants and for the audiences was far from easy – yet through the design of a booth concept by Berlin agency that allowed live audience flow, press attendance and live broadcasting, we succeeded in capturing great stories for all audiences. Through the use of live generated nerve wrecking cliffhangers over the 3 days, the competition furthermore succeeded in keeping its audience passionately interested – which attracted recurring visits.

Through smart use of social media and digital platforms, Berlin agency even expanded the reach from about 150.000 in 2013 to over 500.000 views for the 2015 edition.

The World Chocolate Masters had to become the hub for premium chocolate maker Cacao Barry to re-unite the world’s greatest chocolate talents. We offered them a space where they could meet, exchange, be inspired and dive into the future of hi-end creativity with chocolate. From the thousands of posts, shares and check-ins, together we established pride amongst chefs to be part of the Cacao Barry community. And since shared pride among its peers is one of the best expressions a brand can dream, we can conclude that we succeeded in bringing the World Chocolate Masters into the 21st century.

About Cacao Barry

Cacao Barry is the French, premium chocolate brand for professionals of the Barry Callebaut Group. Established in 1872 by Charles Barry – a coffee and tea merchant, who became truly thrilled about cacao and chocolate once he set foot ashore Africa, Cacao Barry surprised patissiers, bakers and chocolatiers with its innovative spirit. The first ‘bâtons’ for pain au chocolat? Cacao Barry. The first origin chocolates? Cacao Barry. The first fully personalised chocolate recipe? Indeed…

In 2015, Cacao Barry reinvented itself after 20 years of inhibernation and re-claimed its position of pioneer in flavours, unlocking the sensorial richness of cacao for its customers. With a new identity, bringing its flavour language to life, the brand used the World Chocolate Masters to show its re-born identity to the world. A re-appearance that didn’t pass unmarked and stimulated new generations of chefs to embrace the brand again.

Lode Avet, Berlin agency

Lode Avet, Berlin agency