Every detail counts: 10 tips that make your event great

Planning an event is something everyone is able to do. With a practical attitude, the right contacts and a logic way of planning things, one gets a whole lot further in the process of organization. Yet, even though most of the event agencies do have the right attitude and the right baggage, it is a fact that some events are not that successful as others. Why is that?

Creating events that matter is all about the service of your event agency. Something New Balls Please knows all about. That’s why we would like to share 10 of our most valuable tips with you, our client.

#1 The customer is king

What does the customer want? Planning a successful event always starts with that question. It is of high importance that an event agency considers their clients’ needs top priority and that they support their clients’ wishes in every possible way.

#2 Dare to act differently

Step out of that box. Go for new ideas. An innovative event agency won’t be adopting an idea of yours if they do not agree with it. It is possible that better solutions exist than what you had in mind at first.

#3 We support you in everything you do

Every event involves tasks for which you, the client, have ultimate responsibility. Yet even when it’s up to you to make decisions, New Balls Please will assist you with their expertise. Hence we want to make sure that you won’t have to deal with too much worries.

#4 We’re available, day & night

We know that planning an event can cause you a lot of stress. Therefore, we believe it is important that your event agency is available every single moment of the day, so that problems can be dealt with immediately. New Balls Please gives you that service/7.

#5 One single point of contact

What to do when having a lot of questions and having no clue who might help you out? For every event New Balls Please appoints one single point of contact that will provide all the information needed.

#6 Choose for 100% experience and instant decisions

All our events are backed up by one of New Balls Please’ managing partners. One great advantage of this way of working is the fact that decisions can be made without any delay.

#7 Eye for details

Candle lights everywhere, bright little flowers in the ladies’ room or a symmetric décor arrangement … New Balls Please really pleases the eye in all kind of subtle ways. Show your guests that they’re definitely worth the effort!

#8 Prevent crises by planning a backup strategy

Always be prepared for the worst and establish a second contact person who can take over the coordination of your event in case your first contact person has become sick. The New Balls Please team exists of 10 employees of which 7 are experienced event managers who are ready to back you up whenever needed.

#9 Your supplier becomes your partner

Consider your suppliers as valuable partners. Your location, catering, furniture … These are all factors that make your event great. That’s why you must give your suppliers the credit they deserve.

#10 Ask for service even after your event

Don’t forget about communicating after the event. We all know that plain communication before and during the event is essential, yet some tend to forget about a good debriefing, which is very useful to get a good insight into the pros and cons of your event. Also, keep in mind that an event agency’s job only ends when the event location has been brought back to its original state. The job isn’t done until the last supplier has picked up his materials.