3 nominations for New Balls Please at the BEA Awards 2019

During and in the aftermath of any of our events, we hope to spot three things: excited visitors, thrilled clients and pleasantly exhausted team members. Those are the key signifiers that our event was a great success. But what better recognition for a job well done than an award nomination?

New Balls Please is extremely proud, humbled and grateful that not one, not two but three of our events were nominated for a prestigious BEA Award in the early spring of 2019:

Callebaut - Ruby RB1 Launch

The annual Salon du Chocolat trade fair, was the perfect occasion for the world premiere of the newest innovation of Callebaut. In addition to white, milk and dark chocolate, Callebaut introduced a fourth chocolate variant; Ruby RB1, with a remarkable pink colour. Callebaut’s after party lounge at the Salon was completely set up in the theme of Ruby and enchanted 400 invitees.

ING - Welkom in ons huis

When Record Bank closed, its clients’ accounts moved to mother firm ING Bank. To make the transition go as smoothly as possible, and to introduce new clients to their new local agents, ING personally invited them in a casual and laid-back setting. The new clients discovered the faces behind their new bank, all products and services ING has to offer, and the personal touch their dedicated bankers will bring to their collaboration. With presentations, live cooking and dinner in a relaxed surrounding, the new clients felt right at home.

Brooks - Brooks Superhuman Academy

A few bold journalists embarked on an adventurous two-day Superhuman Academy in Portugal. Brooks challenged them with several lessons in mental strength, balance and core strength! The thrill-seekers walked up a vertical wall, balanced a cord on 6-meter height, and even withstood the freezing cold in an ice bath. To wrap up the experience, the brand-new superhumans attended their own graduation from the Superhuman Academy and celebrated their accomplishments with a triumphal dinner and afterparty.

On March 27, the BEA Awards 2019 were presented in the Nekkerhal in Mechelen, in the presence of 750 professionals from the B2B event sector. During the event, which was organized for the 21st time, the best live and event campaigns of the past year were awarded.

Congratulations to the winning cases - see you on stage next year!