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As a creative event agency, we always strive to bring forth unparalleled concepts and ideas for all our clients. This time we took this belief a few steps further (literally) and went on a study trip to Rome! As Rome wasn't built in a day, we went on a three-day exploration to scout for the opportunities in the eternal city!

When in Rome (do as New Balls Please does!)

To get the full experience, we got immersed in a comprehensive program guiding us through some hidden gems, while still dutifully ticking off the time-honored must-sees and dos.

We kicked off our trip with a rewarding bike experience to discover the Monti district, which has preserved a certain bohemian flare. After a beautiful stroll around the area, we got our cook on and took part in a pizza class, where everyone shared and enjoyed their creation. We concluded our first day with an exotic cocktail.

You haven’t seen Italy if you haven’t done so on a Vespa, so we started our second day on an authentic scooter and discovered Palatino and Gianicolo hills. We eventually stranded in the beautiful gardens of Villa Borghese, where we found a charming open space where we settled down for a picnic. Afterward, we were pampered with outdoor massages in the most picturesque setting. Overlooking Monte dei Cocci on the one, and the old market square on the other side, we dined in a trendy Italian rooftop restaurant, where an acrobatic barman stole the show.  

On our last day, we drove along the Mediterranean sun all the way to Castel Gandolfo, in a glorious red vintage Alpha Romeo convertible. Via a scenic itinerary, we enjoyed the incredible history and culture of Rome for the last time.

Rome, the Eternal City

Even though Rome is an ancient city, it still doesn’t cease to surprise and amaze. It is both full of life and impeccable monumental, which makes it unique among its kind. The eternal city is perfect as both a leisure and business destination and guarantees not to disappoint.  We can’t wait to take you and your guests there!

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