Cross-fertilization between clients and event agencies leads to greener events

Sustainability has never been more hot before. It is no longer the question whether environmentally friendly alternatives will be used or not at an event. Nowadays, these alternatives are considered to be the new rule, as they form the ultimate tools to reduce the corporate ecological footprint.  

Future-oriented event organising is trending and event agencies tend to search for alternatives involving the least impact on our planet earth and generating as much results as possible for their clients. Alternative event planning demands more creative thinking. "Yet, despite the extra effort, event agencies are very willing to cooperate, because innovating, creating new concepts, being pioneers and using every form of fantasy in order to organise incredible events for the client is just part of an event agency's core business."

Sustainable event planning can take many forms. Event managers can choose for alternative transport or carpooling, recycled paper for printing (invitations, menus, signalisation and info boards), bio and fair trade products, cooperation with local suppliers (in order to reduce the number of kilometres) and for outlining a plan to prevent food waste as much as possible. New Balls Please strives for these things as it wants to contribute to socially responsible and innovative events.

Sustainable event planning is still in its growth-stage. In order to contribute to its growth, event agencies and clients need to cooperate. Event agencies have a large public support and when they adopt environmental-oriented values explicitly and successfully in the phase of preparation, communication and production of an event, agencies are able to convince new clients of corporate social responsibility. On the other hand, clients can also make green demands. By combining all knowledge of both the client and the agency, innovative and green projects are certainly coming along. Because, after all, don’t we all want stand up for a greener, happier and more liveable planet?  

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