Our 3 pillars

Here at New Balls Please, we bring our clients’ stories to life. One way we’ve been able to do so is because of the pillars we focus on. We’ve outlined them here for you.

Creative Events

Nothing is basic when you partner up with us. Even though creativity in events might seem self-evident, we take this very seriously and provide original, tailormade, and unmatched results over and over again, for every single client. Without exception. Try us; we dare you!

Content Creation

The primary goal of each event is to build a positive brand experience and to stimulate your guests’ senses in every possible way. An event will only be successful when your visitor goes home with your intended story at the back of his mind. So go for interactive and intelligent content marketing. We ensure you that your event will be remembered happily ever after.

Event Design

One of the first questions we pose ourselves when we think about the design of an event is the following:

“What can we create or design that people can’t just find on Pinterest or Instagram?”

We consider everything from the venue, surroundings, style all the way to the lighting, the texture of the fabrics and both interior and exterior decorations to create the perfect picture. Every detail counts.

Do you feel a match with our pillars? Go ahead and give us a call or send us an email!

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