New Balls Please teambuilding

If there is one thing New Balls Please is absoluty good at, it's definitely the creation of un-for-gettable moments. So, here was the thought: why not creating some unforgettable moments for our own team during a kick-ass, cooler than ever, amazing teambuilding? And so the day came when our team was packed in a small bus, driving through the city of Ghent and with absolutely no idea of what this day would bring. First stop: photoshoot location at Dok Noord! Did you know that the New Balls Please team is really good at modelling? Our next stop: Cube Zero. Our goal: to get out of these escape rooms as quickly as possible. Thanks to our cooperation skills we managed to get out in time and to hop on the bus, that would bring us to our final destination: De Lijsterbes in Berlare. This restaurant definitely was one of kind. For once the New Balls Please team could experience what is was to be the head chef of a renowned restaurant. After a tasteful wine degustation and after the most delicious meal, prepped and served by our own team – and of course with the (very useful) support of De Lijsterbes’ cooks –, we headed home. Feeling lucky and glad and full of un-for-gettable memories.