Event pitch recommendations!

Event planning is about taking risks. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. When pitching for an event you must compete with other event agencies that have been working on the same project, with the same effort and with that same eagerness to win. And when you finally get picked out you can truly say that all the stress, all the brain racking, all the energy that you have put into this project was really worth the effort.

But what is the decisive factor that makes you win the race? To answer that question we must look at the company’s wishes: sometimes it’s all about creativity, sometimes it’s all about the budget or service and sometimes it’s just a combination.

A pitch project involves efforts in time, energy and money from the agency taking part in the project and from you, our client, as well. Therefore, we can only suggest the following pitch recommendations:

  • Budget < €25.000: max 3 agencies
  • Budget > €25.000: create a longlist and reduce to max 3 agencies after a first round (based on an agency presentation, references or an A4 conceptual note)
  • We do ask +/- 2 weeks to create our best concept, presentation and budget
  • Invite the selected agencies for a live presentation at your office

This ACC Protected logo on your presentation indicates that each idea, concept and strategy should not be copied without permission of the agency.