Opel Belgium and New Balls Please have been sharing a contagious enthusiasm for events for a while now. They have produced a broad variety of clients, dealers and staff events, inland and abroad. Neither of us has ever been scared to step out of our comfort zone.

This collaboration has been up and running for some time now and it is not about to draw its last breath just yet. Both partners share a huge contentment about the realized projects and are excited about those to come.

The pillars of this relationship are diversity, mutual trust and bilateral quality. This partnership has been crazily productive for both of us: it was never a one-way street. Together we have created a variety of unique events of which each of them has this special and original vibe.

The latest project: “The Opel Check & Go tour”. We hit the road and we hit it hard!  For 5 weekends in a row Opel Check & Go toured around Belgium to visit 10 different commercial hot spots. While experts were doing a full check-up of their clients’ car, Opel drivers were welcome to have a drink in the Opel lounge.

This project is a confirmation of how we embrace new possibilities. We can’t wait to work on some more miraculous projects together!