Making a difference in people’s lives!

Running a business is a constant search for balance, justice and equality. It is about dealing with ups and downs, making all kind of choices, taking risks and opportunities. Every day we try to improve people’s attitudes, to strengthen interpersonal relationships and, more importantly, to make differences in our stakeholders’ lives.

What we at New Balls Please like so much about our sector is the incredible human aspect. For almost 20 years now, we have been in direct contact with clients, suppliers, location managers, artists and many more. And yet each contact is unique to us, as each person can teach us new things we didn’t know about our job. That’s why we invest valuable time in our people. And that’s why we are always looking for new talents. With Glenn, Marieke and Kristof, we can present three new members of the New Balls Please family, that is growing rapidly to a solid team of 8 event specialists.

Of course, we wouldn’t have been able to grow without our “waaaawesome” clients that call for our service, creativity and quality time and time again. Thanks to them we have the power to expand. We want to welcome Vondelmolen, REstore, Interoute, Trend Micro and DEME as our new clients as we are looking forward to collaborate with them in the months that are to come.