Let's get digital!


Digitalization is all anyone can talk about these days. We need it, but we don’t want it. We love it and we hate it at the same time. We need digitalization for several reasons: because it makes things more efficient and high tech and because it brings that certain wow-factor to an experience. We don’t want digitalization for this one reason: because the digital world is taking over our jobs. So, how can we exploit this irrefutable asset without making ourselves redundant? We tell you one thing: it is all about embracing it in the right way!

New Balls Please is all about people. Interacting with our clients, getting to know them and forming one New Balls Please family is what is most important to us. At the same time, we also try to embrace digitalization, because we want to raise our standards by improving the services we offer. By digitalizing we upgrade the on-site experience and our communication service, which gives the opportunity to create original invitations, new registration methods, interactive animations and mesmerizing light effects. In other words, digitalization enables countless possibilities.

So we try to do it right, as we know that digitalizing in the right way will undeniably strengthen our brand and maximize your event. And yet we must not forget that our beloved event sector is all about people.  That’s why everything we do will always be people-driven and that’s how we like it.