What's to Come?


Both TomTom and Roxell, are excited to organize their events with your live storytelling agency New Balls Please. Each of these high level players have been organizing their Press Events and Congresses with us for several years in a row.

TomTom Bandit was presented in Tignes (have a look here) and TomTom Spark was overloaded with enthousiastic comments from present bloggers and journalist during the Product Launch in Ibiza. This time, from 11 tot 15 April, we launch its new product, in a way that will tickle your curious brain. We head towards the Mediterrean Sea for several back-to-back two day seminars, each time hosting 25 journalists, vloggers and bloggers. A versatile program with cool activities, cultural heritage, outside dinners and hidden secrets.

After Brussels, Malta and Rome, Roxell has requested us to organize their Industrial Seminar for the forth time in a row. This time we meet in Sevilla from 26 to 29 March, olé! As the audience is really a mix of all great world cultures, we have been composing a variety of activities, which are mixed into one coherent congress. Plenary sessions, product workshops, partner programs, opening dinner show, two outside dinners, global activity programs etc. will be proceeded by the Roxell CSU meeting that will also be organized in Sevilla this year.