New Balls Please wins silver award at EUBEA Festival 2014


In sunny Sevilla, the 11th edition of het EUBEA Festival was again thé place to be for European stakeholders from the event industry. Each year, awards are presented to international event agencies in several categories. “Opening Chocalate Academy” (client: Callebaut) was worth a Silver Award for New Balls Please in the category of ‘Best Business-to-Business Event’. With this second place, it already passed 7 quality cases from 5 different European countries in its first year of business.

The case “Opening Chocolate Academy” was a perfect example of a collaboration between client (Callebaut), communication agency (Berlin) and event agency (New Balls Please, who else J). When all parties are dedicated to an optimal outcome, and present all their resources and knowledge to the project, a ‘perfect’ event is the inevitable result. As was the case here.

The client Callebaut stated:

“2014 was an exeptional year for Callebaut. It was the year who showed the world why we already have dedicated 100 years of love, passion and dedication to our Finest Belgian Chocolate. Thanks to our collaboration with New Balls Please and Berlin before, during and after the event, we have succeeded perfectly in obtaining our goals:

1)    We surprised our guests and have already soaked them in a wonderful Belgian Chocolate bath from upon their arrival at the event. By reviving our unique bean-to-chocolate story, all guests understood the message of our company and the passion we put everyday in our chocolate

2)    We surprised the press and got exceptional and extremely valuable broadcast time on national television, in prime time

3)    We have stole the hearts of thousands of craftsmen worldwide who now travel to our Chocolate Academy to attend workshops

The words of Claudia Kühne, Global Brand Manager Callebaut, conclude the collaboration perfectly: “Let’s bring our chocolate message all over the world”