Social media usage at your future event


Social media connect us in a way that has never been seen before. Due to their social character they provide added value to your event. Whereas social media used to connect us with acquaintances, friends and family, they have now become the perfect tool for corporates to get in touch with their clients and prospects. New Balls Please pinpoints all pros of social media usage before, during and after an event for you.

What are the benefits?

Before an event
Pre-communication via various social media channels allows you to keep the interaction with your attendees high. Quick replies and regular information updates equal a high online service level that establishes a feeling of personal connection between the target public and your brand.

On top of that, social media makes the invisible, visible. When announcing your event on Facebook, you get a good insight into the group of attendees of your event. Who follows whom? What do people like? What are they interested in?

During an event
Now we all go mobile, it’s important to choose a social media channel that suits your event best. Select one that works efficiently, fast and that doesn’t ask for much input from your attendees. In this respect Facebook Messenger proves to be utterly effective. After all: one needs to reach clients where they’re most active.

As Messenger is considered as a user-friendly tool to start easy conversation and to arrange informal meetings between friends, it can be used by your company to provide your guests with useful updates before, during and after your event. Serve accessible information that catches your visitors’ attention. Integrating bots into Messenger can be very useful in that case.

Videos and live stories on your social media channels are also effective, as they tend to reach a big audience. On the spot communication creates a live experience for those that aren’t present at your event, which improves the brand awareness and the affinity towards your brand.

After an event
Research through social media stats enlarges your insights into your visitors behaviour, helping you to better prepare any similar event in the future.

To strengthen the online relationship with your target group, paying attention to online comments by visitors after your event is essential. Embrace all laudatory comments and thank your visitors. When a less positive message comes along the way, start a conversation and try to turn the negative aspect into something positive.

Social media in the future

There is a wide range of social media. Hence, define the right content for that particular channel. An analysis of which group is active on which channel can be a first step towards efficient communication.

In the first place, social media should connect people. Spamming your target audience with daily targeted information is not the way you want to go. Think about how your content is useful to your clients, prospects and the visitors of your event.

Do you need a social media plan for you next event and tailored to your company’s needs? Contact us for advice and support.