4 years of New Balls Please!

It seems like so long ago since our first day at the brand new office in January 2014. The office seemed so big, as back then, it was only the three of us making promising plans for a bright New Balls Please future. Exactly four years later, New Balls Please is literally outgrowing its office building.

A small team of 3 event enthusiasts has become a talented group of 11 specialists, organising 80 events in 2017

Our sales increase of 50% has enabled us to dream harder, to create even more and to be the better solution for those who look for creative events, content creation and event design.


  • To team up with the best matching partners and suppliers

  • To impress you with the most creative concepts

  • To suprise you with the smallest unexpected details

  • To provide the best possible professional service

  • To enable your clients to leave your event with a big smile


In these 4 years we could always count on our die-hard clients. Thank you A.S. Adventure, Opel Belgium, Pubmarket!, Volvo, Berlin, AZ Klina, De Lijn and many more for having believed in us during all the stages of New Balls Please’ existence. Loving people like you make our business and allow us to grow and provide you with better service and more creative events.

Wishing you and your loved ones all the best for 2018!

Valerie, Stein & Michel.