Vlaamse Havendag by Port of Antwerp and New Balls Please

45.000 happy faces and loads of sun this year at Vlaamse Havendag in Antwerpen: a nice result of an amazing teamwork between Port of Antwerp, New Balls Please and VO-event. 22 companies and organisations, among which MPET, Zuidnatie, de Chinese Vloot, the Belgian Marine … had opened their doors to the public. On the central location Zaha Hadid square music concerts by VETEX, Dimitri Leue and Pieter Embrechts, foodtrucks and a ‘Hiep Hiep Hoera’ container celebrated Havenhuis’ first anniversary.  To guarantee a smooth traffic from and to the port a well-coordinated mobile network of 6 buslines with 50 busses had been set up.