New Balls Please is moving to "amazingly cool” new offices

The Gent-based Event agency New Balls Please is proud to look back at five successful years. This calls for celebration, starting with moving to new, more spacious offices.

Our team is a mix of experienced all-rounders and young rookies. Supervised by the 3 founding partners Michel Van Camp, Valérie De Coster and Stein Hoogstoel, our staff has organised more than 350 events in Belgium and abroad for more than 80 clients.

We are the proud winners of 6 national and international awards and we steadily remain in the top 5 of the Belgian event agencies since a couple of years.

One of the consequences of the expansion of New Balls Please in every sense of the word was that our offices got somewhat cramped. Looking for a bigger work space became a necessity.

The team wanted to leave nor Gent, nor the cool neighboorhood of the old docks as creative hub of the city.

We were lucky to find the perfect spot very near to our current location. Loods 22, an old warehouse transformed into lofty office spaces, looks out on the water. It offers our expanding team the space to create new concepts in a very inspiring setting.


Feel like seeing for yourself?

New Balls Please

Loods 22

Voorhavenlaan 31/003

9000 Gent

New Balls Please wins bronze at the BEA World Festival!

What a year it has been for New Balls Please. In 2018 we could count on various renewed partnerships and an ever-expanding customer portfolio. As the icing on the cake, we now also won a BEA World Award!

In the spring of 2018 we carried-out the very first edition of the Asian Day in the Docks Dome in Brussels together with Connections. The success of this first amazing travel exhibition was already apparent by the many words of praise from the visitors and the numbers speak for themselves: Asian Day welcomed 1,400 visitors with the same number of headsets who watched 45 speakers on 3 different stages. The after movie and Facebook live broadcasts were watched and followed by more than 12,000 people.

Last Friday, this success was once again confirmed: we managed to convince the international jury and gained a third place in the 'trade show' category at the BEA World Festival in Portugal with Asian Day! A fantastic achievement, as we competed with the best of the world... We are celebrating our 5th birthday at the end of 2018, but we are already taking home our 6th award!

Spotlights on our new customers!

2018 has been a busy year for New Balls Please and we’ve loved every single bit of it.. Since the start of the new year, many new customers have appealed to the expertise of our esteemed event agency. Among those new customers are some big players such as Carglass, Eneco, ING, Modere, Netflix, Nike, Puratos and Teconex.

As we say goodbye to the summer, we are incredibly proud of the fantastic projects we completed for and with our new clients; from an alluring client event for Teconex to an amazing kickoff conference for Eneco. No matter how big the scope or the budget was, we’ve succeeded every single time to create an unforgettable live experience.

We would like to thank our new (and long-time) customers for trusting us over the past years. Our team absolutely loves working with you and we are very much looking forward to working together again in the future!


Some guidelines for pitch-perfect pitches

The event industry is becoming more and more competitive every day so New Balls Please attaches a lot of importance to a smooth and honourable pitch process. ACC Belgium has listed a few tips and tricks to facilitate and clarify the pitch procedure for all parties involved.

1 - Outline the pitch procedure

When a company approaches an event agency, it’s important for the agency to know what the pitch procedure will look like. Is there a long list, short list? How were the involved agencies selected? Are credentials or testimonials needed? What is the deadline? Transparency here is key, so the agency doesn’t lose time on projects or briefings that were not in line with its expectations in the first place, and the requesting company can have clarity in its own decision-making process.  

2 - How many agencies are selected?

This might seem like a question that stems from pure curiosity of the event agency, but there is more to it. Every member of the ACC Belgium adheres to the guidelines that guarantee a respectful competition. Clients often approach as many agencies as possible to acquire as many ideas as possible. This isn’t sustainable for the agencies themselves and is an exploitation of the creative talent. That’s why members of the ACC will only participate in pitches that involve maximum three other agencies.

3 - What budget is available?

Clients often first want to hear about what an agency can do and then reveal the budget later on. However, the possibilities and ideas an agency can suggest depend on the budget. €200.000 allows for a different kind of location, caterer, .. than for example €20.000. In addition to this, the potential revenue for the event agency has to be in line with the pitch workload. Information about the budget is thus crucial!

4 - Who will take the decision?

Pitching for an audience that doesn’t have a say in the final decision, is frustrating. It is a waste of time for both parties and can delay the pitch process with unnecessary pitch rounds. Make sure that there is an opportunity to meet (all) the decision maker(s) early on in the process.  

5 - What are the defined selection criteria?

Each project is different and requires a different focus. For some clients the most important thing is to stay within budget, while other clients first off want to hear unique concepts and the budget will adjust accordingly. In each case, agencies will adapt their strategy and pitch to match the needs and priorities of the requesting party. As a client, you can thus only benefit from good communication about selection criteria as you will receive an even more tailored pitch!

6 - Give the agencies enough time

Event agencies understand deadlines like no other, but to guarantee a qualitative and thorough proposal, agencies prefer two weeks minimum to work out a decent concept. The extra waiting time will definitely be worth your while.

7 - Let all the agencies know the results ASAP

It’s courteous to inform every agency that pitched an idea about the final decision, preferably as soon as possible. Agencies might have pending options on locations, caterers, partners, etc. which have to be informed one way or another. Even the agencies that didn’t make the cut, deserve at least a short call or email with the message that they were not chosen.    

8 - Have an evaluation/feedback session after every assignment

Something that is often overlooked or not handled correctly is the act of giving feedback following a pitch or presentation. Just saying ‘the other proposal was more creative,’ isn’t very helpful and doesn’t help the event agency to learn from this project. The agency will always appreciate the time you take to give them feedback. Even when informing an agency that they won the pitch, it’s still favourable for them to hear why exactly their proposal stood out.

If all parties involved keep these tips in mind, respectful and long-term partnerships can be established.

Happy pitching everyone!

New Balls Please as your partner for international events!

As a creative event agency, we always strive to bring forth unparalleled concepts and ideas for all our clients. This time we took this belief a few steps further (literally) and went on a study trip to Rome! As Rome wasn't built in a day, we went on a three-day exploration to scout for the opportunities in the eternal city!

When in Rome (do as New Balls Please does!)

To get the full experience, we got immersed in a comprehensive program guiding us through some hidden gems, while still dutifully ticking off the time-honored must-sees and dos.

We kicked off our trip with a rewarding bike experience to discover the Monti district, which has preserved a certain bohemian flare. After a beautiful stroll around the area, we got our cook on and took part in a pizza class, where everyone shared and enjoyed their creation. We concluded our first day with an exotic cocktail.

You haven’t seen Italy if you haven’t done so on a Vespa, so we started our second day on an authentic scooter and discovered Palatino and Gianicolo hills. We eventually stranded in the beautiful gardens of Villa Borghese, where we found a charming open space where we settled down for a picnic. Afterward, we were pampered with outdoor massages in the most picturesque setting. Overlooking Monte dei Cocci on the one, and the old market square on the other side, we dined in a trendy Italian rooftop restaurant, where an acrobatic barman stole the show.  

On our last day, we drove along the Mediterranean sun all the way to Castel Gandolfo, in a glorious red vintage Alpha Romeo convertible. Via a scenic itinerary, we enjoyed the incredible history and culture of Rome for the last time.

Rome, the Eternal City

Even though Rome is an ancient city, it still doesn’t cease to surprise and amaze. It is both full of life and impeccable monumental, which makes it unique among its kind. The eternal city is perfect as both a leisure and business destination and guarantees not to disappoint.  We can’t wait to take you and your guests there!

If you’re interested in our international opportunities, go ahead and have a look at our previous international events or get right to it and in touch!

A lookback at 2018!

We’re going into the final quarter of 2018 and things are still going fast for New Balls Please. Since the start of the new year, many new customers have appealed to the expertise of our esteemed event agency.

This in its turn led to an increase in turnover of 35% in the first semester and a satisfaction score of 95%. This is not surprising since New Balls Please has been heavily committed to service and long-term cooperation since the beginning.

This resulted in various renewed collaborations with existing customers, such as AS Adventure, Deloitte, Connections, Hilti, Opel Belgium, Port of Antwerp, Restore and Volvo Cars Belux.

In total New Balls Please realized 38 projects in six months with 61 effective event days for 23 different customers.


The growth of the New Balls Please team also creates logistical challenges. After 5 years, we are happy to say goodbye to the inspiring office at the Stapelplein in Ghent.

But do not worry, at the beginning of 2019 we will be proud to move into a brand new office that will inspire our team even more to create creative delights.

The move will coincide with the celebration of the five-year anniversary of New Balls Please. A memorable moment that we will celebrate together with all customers who are responsible for our exceptional growth.


For the last quarter of 2018, we continue to focus on the three pillars we are known for: Creative Events, Content Creation and Event Design. With the same enthusiasm as before, the 14-man team is already looking forward to getting their hands on the various already confirmed events for Barry Callebaut (together with Berlin Agency), Bidfood (in collaboration with Pubmarket!), Connections, Deloitte, Facebook, Fevia, ING, Modere, Opel Belgium and Restore.

Our 3 pillars

Here at New Balls Please, we bring our clients’ stories to life. One way we’ve been able to do so is because of the pillars we focus on. We’ve outlined them here for you.

Creative Events

Nothing is basic when you partner up with us. Even though creativity in events might seem self-evident, we take this very seriously and provide original, tailormade, and unmatched results over and over again, for every single client. Without exception. Try us; we dare you!

Content Creation

The primary goal of each event is to build a positive brand experience and to stimulate your guests’ senses in every possible way. An event will only be successful when your visitor goes home with your intended story at the back of his mind. So go for interactive and intelligent content marketing. We ensure you that your event will be remembered happily ever after.

Event Design

One of the first questions we pose ourselves when we think about the design of an event is the following:

“What can we create or design that people can’t just find on Pinterest or Instagram?”

We consider everything from the venue, surroundings, style all the way to the lighting, the texture of the fabrics and both interior and exterior decorations to create the perfect picture. Every detail counts.

Do you feel a match with our pillars? Go ahead and give us a call or send us an email!
+32 (0)9 265 98 00

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The spoiler award

The symbolic Spoiler Award in the form of a rotten tomato has been called to live by ACC for those clients, who unnecessarily pressurize the creative talent within the event sector. ACC has established a set of guidelines for clients to adhere to, to ensure healthy competition between creative agencies.


New Balls Please supports ACC in their quest to an honest pitch process. We strive to deliver powerful, strong and creative concepts for our clients, time after time. Yet we feel the increasing creative pressure under which our sector is put in the same way all our colleagues do. Let us all rally together to convince our clients to join us in a positive and constructive pitch process, to ensure the quality of our provided services and let creativity thrive!

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