Family Event

You employees love their job and their family. Combine both.

Private event

25 May 2017

Floating unicorns. Candy in every corner. Jolly rolling on the water in a plastic, transparant ball. And what’s that funny, colourful pinata hanging there in the tree? We think that magic secretly got hold of us when we created this dreamy private event for our special little client. 

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Village Party

21 MAY 2017

150 years of passionate gingerbread producing could, under no circumstances, go unnoticed. As throwing a village party for more than 3.000 local residents isn’t quite a small event, Vondelmolen’s intention to go all the way really succeeded. On this sunny Sunday morning, inhabitants of Lebbeke, Wieze and Denderbelle had been invited for a brunch at the site of Vondelmolen and for experiencing the gingerbread production process in Vondelmolen’s factory, of which all of it was carefully coordinated by New Balls Please. Gingerbread workshops, children’s traditional games and a jumping castle made this village party a marvellous experience for the little ones too.

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Kids Entertainment During Opening Offices Ghent

23 April 2016
The Loop, Ghent

Happy stories are the elements that ground your life. That is why Deloitte chose to pay special attention to their team’s kids and decided to organise a family day together with New Balls Please. Catering for kids, babysitters, drawing sessions, a bouncing castle, a bubble machine … Kids really enjoyed this lovely day, which is the best reason for their moms and dads to be over the moon too.

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A.S. Adventure & Juttu

Family Day Pairi Daiza

16 May 2016
Domaine de Cambron
Brugelette – BELGIUM

Only 2 weeks before a new baby panda was born in the zoo of Pairi Daiza, A.S. Adventure organized a family day for their team members at this location. 1 100 guests, among whom team members, their partners and kids, enjoyed a day full of entertainment, sightseeing and quality time. And when this wonderful day came to an end, the kids couldn’t be happier when receiving a small gift bag that included a mini panda bear.

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Protéines for Ferrero

25 years Ferrero

september 2014

Public event (in cooperation with communication agency Protéines) for 2000 inhabitants of the city of Arlon, donated by the Ferrero factory. Arlon's music, dance and cultural associations contributed to a huge successful event.

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A.S. Adventure

Family Day

July 2014
Groot-Bijgaarden Castle

400 excited A.S. Adventure staff members and their families celebrated their family day in medieval style.

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